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$GIMO Chart DD and stuff

Ticker: $GIMO
Exchange: NYSE
Industry: Software
Overview: $GIMO offers solutions that deliver visibility and control of traffic accross networks. It has a presence in the United States; Rest of Americas; Europe; Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. (Source: Reuters)
In January, $GIMO reported prelimiary Q4 results that caused a crash of almost 20%. Of course institutional downgrades soon followed. Now, the company is operating at it's "new" value, and looks to be at a fair price. This post will outline when to buy, and when to sell in an effort to make a short-term gain. Personally, I like playing options to get the most bang for my buck.
That being said, I believe $GIMO will continue it's uptrend through to the middle of next week before it either peaks, or rallies, and here's why...
Ichimoku Cloud:
Figure A
If you'd like to read up on Ichimoku clouds, check out this article. Otherwise, the TL;DR is that when the pink, green, and light-blue lines cross in to the purple cloud, there's a good chance there will be a rally of some sort.
Aside from that, you want to notice the green line and how it is starting to trend upwards. This alone is not enough to say whether or not you should expect it to continue, but it's a good starting indicator...
Figure B
You can learn about the MACD over here.
What you want to notice, is that the green line is starting to turn around, and the blue is about to as well. This would be a nice 'sweet spot'. Scroll down in the article to Figure 4 and look at the 2nd circled 'Buy' spot. Looks familiar, eh? TL;DR looks like it's trending up.
Figure C
This is the Stoachastic Momentum Index (SMI). We are using it as an indicator to tell us whether or not the 'run' is over ($GIMO has been green 2 days in a row now). Since the two lines look like they just turned around and are still near the bottom, it leads us to believe that there is still room to run. I personally think it'll be bullish through next week.
More info on using this indicator can be found here
Figure D
This figure shows the Stochastics-Fast chart. Similar to the Stochastic Momentum Index (SMI), this is to help identify whether or not the stock is overbought or oversold. More information can be found here.
This chart is the LEAST desirable out of all the charts posted so far. Right now it says its approaching the overbought territory, so tread carefully!
Conclusion: I believe $GIMO will dip or stay relatively flat tomorrow (Friday Mar 10th), this will give a little more leeway on the overbought territory which allows for a little more of a run throughout next week. So my play would be to wait for a dip tomorrow, buy, then hold through to Weds or Thurs next week for a small run. After a few smaller green days Mon-Weds, I think it will dip a bit, until the MACD levels out. Not necessarily to 'oversold' territory, but enough to run back up again and a little higher than the previous peak (seen in first chart around mid Feb).
Well, I guess that's all. Let me know what you guys think, and if I'm an idiot that's gonna lose every last penny or not. Or if I'm doing everything wrong, etc... Otherwise, good luck and godspeed.
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stochastic Forex Trade Strategies Using Candlestick & Stochastic Indicators MACD, Slow Stochastic, Candlestick Combination Forex Technical Analysis Expert Opinion: Multi Time Frame (MTF) Stochastic System (Nov 18, 2015) Stochastic : An Accurate Buy and Sell Indicator - 90% win Stochastic Buy Sell Arrows with Alert Forex MT4 Indicator Stochastic Scalping System Stochastic RSI SIMPLIFIED! - Forex 101 Color Stochastic – indicator for MetaTrader 4 STOCHASTIC COLOR INDICATOR

However, this is just a basic method to use stochastic. I believe there are many other methods out there but in this report, I’m going to introduce you the powerful method ever to dominate the forex market using this indicator. The Forex Stochastic Strategy Method: Here is the steps outline: Identify the trend – to filter bad trades Stochastic Oscillator Forex trading strategy — it's an interesting system with a rather low fail rate. It's based on a standard Stochastic Oscillator indicator, which signals a trend fatigue and change. That means that you will almost always enter on pull-backs, guaranteeing rather safe stop-loss levels. Features. Simple to follow. I look for oversold and overbought regions on both Williams and Stochastic oscillators. My entry rules are: (1) Wait for signal to touch or crossover the 20% and 80% levels on the Williams % Range as entry/exit points AND (2) The stochastic indicator should be in (or very close to) the oversold/overbought region (20/80% levels) My exit suggestions are: Wait for either the Williams %R to ... is an information station for traders, focusing on providing traders with high-quality market analysis, in-depth insight, and live market updates 24/7. We focus on forex trading, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. We also provide real-time trading signals on instruments in these asset classes. Report an issue; Dukascopy Connect 911. Log in Register . Community. Article contest . Ultimate Forex Scalping Strategy Using Macd & Stochastic Oscillator. Ultimate Forex Scalping Strategy Using Macd & Stochastic Oscillator Ayushvam Posted 4 Jan. in #Technical analysis #Strategy #Dukascopy #Article Contest #Trader Contest #Scalping #Indicator #Strategy Contest #Macd #Stochastic . 4/68. Ranking ... Combined Stochastic Oscillator/MA Forex trading strategy — is a relatively safe trading system that is based on the standard Stochastic Oscillator indicator in combination with the standard Exponential Moving Averages.You can use the moving averages as the general long-term trend indicator, while the stochastic will show you the short-term overbought/oversold states, where you can enter a ... forex scalping 15 minute stochastic ema200. BBMA scalping strategy === Scalping 15 minute charts. More. Report 🚀If you want to get a Forex Robot Coded as per your trading strategy but are unable to do so because of the high price for the Robot then you can take advantage of the CROWD FUNDING campaigns feature. These are some crowd funding campaigns for Forex Robots, which when completed can ... The stochastic oscillator is a useful technical indicator for assessing momentum and trend strength. Learn how to use the stochastic oscillator formula. News & Analysis at your fingertips. Install ... The stochastic indicator is drawn with two lines on the chart; the indicator itself (%K) and a signal line (%D) which represents the 3-day simple moving average of %K. When these two lines cross, traders should look for an approaching trend change. A downward crossing of the %K-line through the signal line indicates that the current closing price is closer to the lowest low of the specified ... Spudfyre's Predictive Multi-Time Frame Stochastic Trading Trading the past trends using long term charts such as H4, Daily and Weekly do great in trend trading until the trend reverses. Of course, even during a trend there are hills and valleys that can take out our stops and leave us in a losing trade, even when we had made the right trade. For the small investor in Forex this is our ongoing ...

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stochastic are a compilation of free download of forex strategies, forex systems, forex mt4 indicators, forex mt5 indicators, technical analysis and fundamental analysis in forex trading. More Tags: Best Forex Heiken Ashi Trading Strategy by SasanFx1, heiken ashy,"fibonacci" "retracements" "strategy" "Live 5 min Scalping" "fibonacci trading" "fibonacci trading secrets" "5 min ... are a compilation of free download of forex strategies, forex systems, forex mt4 indicators, forex mt5 indicators, technical analysis and fundamental analysis in forex trading. MACD, Slow Stochastic, and Candlestick Counting Technical Analysis method in Forex Currency Trading Additionally, she will discuss potential trading opportunities on multiple forex pairs to provide an in-depth analysis of price patterns, as well as support & resistance areas for multiple time ... All about Trading in Forex and Binary Option Marked. STOCHASTIC COLOR INDICATOR Buy and Sell dots are included ----- Download Link: Stochastic Color: ... Stochastic RSI - How To Identify Over-Sold Or Over-Bought Markets Using The Stochastic RSI Indicator - Duration: 9:57. Cutting Edge Crypto 21,754 views Report. Need to report the video? Sign in to report inappropriate content. ... BEST FOREX STRATEGY AND ANALYSIS!!! - Duration: 10:41. Binary Forex Beauty 4,443 views. 10:41. Double Stochastic ... Join upcoming webinars: Open a Demo account: Open a real account: Stochastic indicator is widely use... TF30s and TF1m should give the SAME SIGNAL !!! Stochastic : An Accurate Buy and Sell Indicator - 90% win.